guardianshipA recent review by the Texas Guardianship Compliance Program found that of the 30,000 files on active guardianship cases around the state, 41 percent were out of compliance with state law. Texas guardians hold nearly $5 billion in assets for vulnerable state citizens, and some cases discovered during the review painted a terrible picture of how they were being handled. In one case, the whereabouts of one person appointed a guardian was unknown for years. In another case, not a single report or accounting was ever filed for an estate worth over $4 million. These issues with the Texas guardianship program highlight the need to secure an attorney with experience and compassion in handling guardianship cases for their clients, and the Law Offices of Brian Hill PLLC are here to help.

What is Causing Guardianship Problems? 

Experts believe that there are a couple of factors affecting the amount of cases out of compliance in Texas guardianship matters. The first is the rapidly aging population in Texas. The number of citizens over the age of 65 years old is expected to double by 2030, almost to six million people. The main purpose of a court appointed guardian is to protect a person who is vulnerable from being exploited, and the majority of people assigned a guardian in Texas are elderly. This booming population means that guardians are handling a significant increase in their guardianship caseloads.

Another cause of guardianship problems is a lack of state resources to help court appointed guardians. Texas courts are not allocating enough resources, especially in rural areas, to properly oversee the management of guardianship cases. This in turn leads to guardianship cases falling out of compliance and many Texas citizens being put at risk.

There is Hope to Guardianship Problems

Thankfully, Texas is starting to recognize the need to support guardianship cases across the state. The legislature has enacted strong reforms to guardianship laws that require training and certificates for attorneys as well as enacting a statewide guardianship registration program. Enhanced criminal checks are also starting for proposed guardians, to ensure that the person handling the guardianship case will not take advantage of the situation.

If you are concerned about appointing a guardian for your loved one, the best thing for you to do is hire an attorney with a proven track record of successfully managing guardianship cases. You need someone who will zealously advocate for your loved one’s needs in addition to providing compassionate representation for their client in a vulnerable state. The Law Offices of Brian Hill PLLC specialize in guardianship cases in Dallas. We are experienced at guardianship law, know how to manage the local court, and pride ourselves on the level of attention and communication we provide to our guardianship clients.

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