As an attorney, believe me, I’ve seen everything in Court. No attorney wants to be representing a clients who is not dressed for success. I once had an elderly woman show up to Court in bikini swimwear. The Court would not hear the case which wasted everyone’s time and my clients’ money. So, let’s discuss appropriate clothing for Court.

Typically, I advise my clients to appear for Court like they would for a traditional church service or traditional wedding. That means suits for men, dresses for women. You want to dress to impress.

However, I do understand that some clients have limited means. Alternatives to the above are khakis for men, or “nice” jeans (no holes) and a polo shirt or button down shirt.

The following are completely unacceptable in Court:
1. Shorts;
2. Bathing Suits;
3. Hats, Caps, or other head wear;
4. Tank Tops;
5.Bare Midriffs;
6. Sagging Pants;
7. Flip Flops.

Please make sure all cell phone and electronic devises are turned off and do not bring weapons into the courthouse. You will have to go through security, so please make sure you do not have any contraband on you.